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JioMart, a venture of Reliance Retail Limited, enjoys a unique position in the Indian retailer space. It is perhaps the only retail operation to have a strong presence online as well as retail outlets throughout India. JioMart serves over 5 million customers through 11780 stores across 6700 cities. JioMart has ambitious plans to become India’s number one ecommerce and retail platform. It is a smart move to set up your store on JioMart. Shine Prime, India’s premier ecommerce facilitator, offers JioMart seller account management services to get you started on the high road to prosperity.

Shine Prime Services JioMart seller account management service is comprehensive and encompasses all operations relating to a retailer selling through the JioMart platform. The essence of JioMart account management service is that Shine Prime employs its expertise to get sellers on board the platform, assist them with product photography and product write-ups and post these to the newly created storefront. This is followed by ongoing support to help sellers manage orders on JioMart, manage and track shipments, deliveries and returns and manage the financial side followed by digital marketing, promotions and analytics to fine tune operations.

Why Become A JioMart Seller?

Up to now the top ecommerce giants are Amazon and Flipkart. All that is set to change with JioMart set to become a prominent player in the online ecommerce retail space. The company has ambitious plans for growth in the near future. It has the resources and the infrastructure to go to the top. Now is the right time to join the JioMart platform and march towards prosperity.

JioMart is uniquely placed in the retail space. It has top-flight online retail ecommerce operations and it has a chain of over 11780 stores in over 6700 cities across India. This mix will give retailers a unique opportunity to sell online as well as offline. No other online marketplace offers anything that comes close. Register your brand on JioMart and get off to a running start!

JioMart is a Reliance Retail Limited venture. Reliance is known to come up with unbeatable bargain offers for customers and it engages heavily in such promotions, such as new deals every day, that prove to be a win-win for sellers and buyers. Another JioMart advantage is that it offers a wide range of product categories covering home & kitchen, apparel, electronics, sports goods and, importantly, groceries. Buyers on JioMart are likely to enjoy benefits of loyalty and may prefer JioMart for all their purchases, especially if JioMart were to offer home delivery services. JioMart seller registration is easy just let us handle it.

Shine Prime assists brick and mortar store owners to transition to online operations on the JioMart marketplace through its JioMart account management services. Those who would like to start a business are likewise welcomed and supported by Shine Prime to succeed on JioMart. Sign up here today to get started.

How Do We Manage JioMart Seller Account?

We do not do things by halves. Shine Prime offers the complete suit of JioMart account management services. You may be an existing owner of a store or you may be new to business. We guide you, help you and get you started on JioMart with our comprehensive JioMart account management services.

The service bouquet comprises of the following JioMart service modules:

Setting up JioMart Seller Account

How to be a seller on JioMart is a question that should not bother you when we are here to assist you with our JioMart seller registration service. Registering as a seller on JioMart requires a seller to possess the requisite GST registration, PAN and also brand authorization if the seller wishes to sell branded products. Apart from this the seller must have a bank account and furnish KYC documents like proof of address and identity or such other documents as may be needed. We assist you to obtain these registration certificates if you are new and then go on to create your account at JioMart. How to register on JioMart as a seller becomes a quick, easy process with our help.

Registering your Brand on JioMart

JioMart will permit sellers to sell branded products but in that event they must obtain and furnish brand authorization documents from the original owner of the brand. If you have your own brand, you must register it at JioMart and furnish documents such as trademark registration certificate. Shine Prime assists you with all that is involved in creating brands, obtaining authorization and obtaining JioMart approval of brands as part of our JioMart account management services.

Product listing and Cataloging

This is the crucial part of setting up your storefront on the JioMart marketplace. Do not worry. We are here to help you with the product listing and cataloging tasks as part of our JioMart catalog management services. Our team will develop contents for each product, take photographs from different angles and categorize them, after which we proceed with uploading the catalog to your storefront through the JioMart seller portal. Each product carries a title that includes keywords and content is concise but informative and convincing.

Optimize your Products for Better Visibility

One has to be careful in preparing the product description and categorization in order to ensure high visibility and to be found in searches. With our expertise in JioMart account management services we can develop the right content with the use of researched keywords buyers use on JioMart to find products, incorporate these into the title and content and then list these in the right category. Being meticulous at this stage pays dividends by ensuring higher and better rankings and visibility in searches.

Inventory Management of Products on JioMart

Inventory management is vital to smooth operations of your store on JioMart. Shine Prime, India’s top JioMart seller account management services provider, makes this an easy task. Our experienced team members keep track of inventory and alert you when stocks fall beyond a certain level so that you can replenish in time and avoid delays in shipments. At the same time we analyze product movements and weed out items that do not sell so that you are not burdened with dead stocks. With a strong IT backbone and expertise, Shine Prime assures perfection in inventory management of your products.

Order Management

Your reputation and growth on JioMart depend to how well you manage orders. Shine Prime assists you with order management as part of its JioMart seller account management service. We assign a team member to handle your account on JioMart seller portal, keep track of orders received and notify you immediately and then tracking the order to keep watch over shipment until delivery is confirmed. Promptness is necessary and, while you are busy with your core activities, we handle JioMart order management for you and assure customer satisfaction leading to repeat orders and business growth for you.

Keywords Management on JioMart

Shine Prime handles keyword management on JioMart as part of its JioMart account management services. The use of the right keywords in the right places is of utmost importance and makes all the difference between being found, not being found at all, ranking low and ranking at the top. Our expertise assures that each product we list for you, as part of our JioMart account management service, will rank high in searches done by buyers on JioMart. It will make a huge difference to the quantum of sales and value.

Customer Support

Customer support by Shine Prime for you will translate to better reputation, loyalty and higher conversions. It starts with inquiries by prospective buyers. Here, we interact and give positive responses that lead to conversions. Buyers may have queries about their orders. In such cases too, we respond and give satisfactory replies. Post purchases also give rise to issues where our prompt and positive customer support ensures satisfaction and resolution translating to enhanced reputation for you and repeat orders.

Let us partner you in your quest for online success through catalogue management. It is the first step to impress visitors and convert them to buyers. Best of all, when you subscribe to our service you get our Jiomart boost services that result in increased sales right off the bat!

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